It’s time to think Cloud Smart!

For聽enterprises requiring the business and economic advantages of a hybrid, multi-cloud architecture the focus must be Cloud Smart. Organizations and agencies with a Cloud Smart directive must implement many critical aspects to move forward successfully in the cloud. These aspects include security, compliance, training, optimization, business process reengineering, migration and application development.

Sev1Cloud聽delivers an enterprise and agency-level offering to manage the complexity of a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. Sev1Cloud brings together automation, scalability, reliability, governance and centralized security.

Our experience enables us to support our clients across the many facets needed to transform the enterprise. We manage complex organizational change to efficiently deliver a cloud solution that meets your mission-critical demands.

Your enterprise compliance is a key focus area and as evidenced by our ISO 27017 certification for cloud security, and we design our environments to meet today鈥檚 most demanding standards, including these and others:

  • Government Authority to Operate (ATO)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • FedRAMP
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI)
  • Department of Defense Security Requirements Guide (DoD SRG)

Sev1Cloud is a trusted solution for commercial enterprises and government agencies. Our repeatable methodology mitigates the risk of implementing a hybrid or multi-cloud environment by keeping the enterprise on target with clear deliverables and key performance indicators embedded at every major phase.

The complexity of managing multiple cloud environments and incorporating existing on-premise infrastructure can be a burden for organizations. We have continued to innovate as cloud technology has advanced, enabling your organization to capitalize on our history of supporting daily operations.

澳门六合彩开奖网站 enables the Cloud Smart initiative that enterprises and agencies need to deliver the value they create through their mission without being encumbered to manage data centers, cloud environments, data growth, and security challenges.

Sev1Cloud delivers value through our structured, documented, and repeatable processes to allow customers to utilize existing investments and streamline future technology adoption. The Sev1Cloud offering covers the landscape of today’s modern infrastructure with an eye on the transparency, flexibility, governance, and security today’s solutions require.